feel in love with this the other day while walking through the tents.  (at Plaza Art Fair)

09.22.14 @ 14:58

wish I could own all of you.  (at Plaza Art Fair)

09.20.14 @ 15:328

a late brunch with my best.  (at Michael Forbes)

09.20.14 @ 13:26

dreamy walls and romantic details.  (at Kansas City Museum)

09.19.14 @ 17:57

princess ceilings with @queenblexus.  (at Kansas City Museum)

09.19.14 @ 14:55

late early autumn evenings, gin + fresh mint + lemonade, my favorite fancy cigarettes, and non-school related readings = the best nights.  (at Central Plaza Apartments)

09.19.14 @ 00:46

just visited the most dreamy and perfect estate sale in between classes this afternoon. the women’s closet was filled with evening gowns, bathrooms with perfume and jewelry, and the living room with velvet seating & Victorian rugs. i hope I wasn’t too strange gasping and “awh-ing” in each room.  (at Waldo Area)

09.18.14 @ 16:451

red bows and short stories.  (at Union Hill Cemetery)

09.18.14 @ 12:40

rebel school girl.  (at Union Hill Cemetery)

09.18.14 @ 11:56

so many puppies.  (at Raytown, Missouri)

09.17.14 @ 19:53

shooting in the glass labyrinth this drizzly morning with @allisonwonderlandphotographie, wearing my Oscar De La Renta pillow coat.  (at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art)

09.17.14 @ 12:41

my best friend lives next door to me now.  (at Midtown)

09.16.14 @ 18:17

@plenilunemag ‘s fall/winter issue is now accepting submissions for art / photography / & writing.  please send submissions to plenilunemag@gmail.com and head to the website for more information. I can’t wait to begin to short through submissions!  ♡

09.13.14 @ 20:49

forever loving the first crisp day of September.  
also, a series of self-portraits (taken with my real camera unlike this one) from today are up on my latest blog post (link in profile).  (at Swope Park)

09.13.14 @ 00:30

sleepy autumn girl.  (at Swope Park)

09.12.14 @ 14:153