blogged some photographs from a pumpkin patch I went to last weekend, and I must go to another corn maze before this season ends.  (at

10.20.14 @ 23:23

    As autumn is at it’s full, it was about that time of year to head to a local pumpkin patch and find my perfect pumpkin. I traveled to Johnson Farms over the weekend, which is filled with produce/plants and a pumpkin-picking field. There was even remains of a sunflower field, which had many different colors of the flower and many were still in perfect shape. If you go here, I highly recommend the pumpkin spice doughnuts, they were perfectly doughy and flavorful.

strolling around the state park, wearing the “Girl Date” tote from my soon-to-open shop, and loving this season’s weather.  (at Bothwell Lodge State Historic Site)

10.19.14 @ 17:11

toured a beautiful castle-like mansion today.  (at Bothwell Lodge State Historic Site)

10.19.14 @ 16:05

sunflowers in october.  (at Johnson Farms Pumpkin Patch)

10.18.14 @ 17:04

cornfield maze-ing.  (at Johnson Farms Pumpkin Patch)

10.18.14 @ 16:10

my favorite kinds of pumpkins.  (at Johnson Farms Pumpkin Patch)

10.18.14 @ 14:09

I have a grand announcement to make! I have made a collection of tote bags that I will be selling online through my website.  I am shooting a lookbook next week, along with the grand opening.  
Here’s one of my favorite totes, “Girl Date”, that will be for sale in my shop next week. I can’t wait to share the rest of the collection with everyone ♡.  (at Midtown)

10.17.14 @ 17:33

been wearing airborne unicorn almost everyday this autumn ♡.  (at Midtown)

10.17.14 @ 14:00

baked some cheddar apple muffins today, topped with an almond cinnamon strudel, with the apples I picked from the orchard this weekend.  (at Central Plaza Apartments)

10.14.14 @ 21:23

a handful of apples for making my own apple cider doughnuts at home.  (at Cider Hill Family Orchard)

10.12.14 @ 18:01

doing some apple picking late in the season today.  (at Cider Hill Family Orchard)

10.12.14 @ 16:29

lattes and treats with my family, from the early morning. (@bombifron + @throughtinaslens + dad.)  (at the filling station)

10.11.14 @ 13:461

I like my stocking handmade and muddy.  (at Lee’s Summit, MO)

10.10.14 @ 20:44

this creek holds a lot of memories.  (at Lee’s Summit)

10.10.14 @ 18:02