homemade carrot zucchini bread and raspberry lemonade for my long weekend.   (at Central Plaza Apartments)

08.31.14 @ 19:13

so proud of my team at @plenilunemag and producing our very first issue last month. I am constantly pushing myself to do anything and everything, now I can check off creating an independent publication off the list. don’t forget to come purchase an issue and meet some of the staff this friday during first fridays in the bob jones shoes parking lot! (you can also purchase the issue online through the magazine’s website.)

08.31.14 @ 13:36

head full of flowers.  (at Lee’s Summit, MO)

08.30.14 @ 20:42

sprouting blooms.  (at Lee’s Summit, MO)

08.30.14 @ 16:45

hello friends! Rachel Gottlieb of Present and I have a end of summer giveaway for all of my readers for a pair of royal blue pom-pom earrings from her shop. share this photo on your instagram using the hashtag #presentgiveaway for a chance to win! (more ways to enter on my latest blog post, and winner will be announced September 6th.)  (at www.hellomrrabbitblog.com)

08.30.14 @ 15:27

survived my first week back at school, reading sonnets & other work by Shakespeare for one of my classes, and eating a pistachio doughnut with black coffee.  (at Central Plaza Apartments)

08.29.14 @ 11:46

new photo collection up on the blog (link in profile), featuring expired 35mm film and digital shots. mainly inspired by the Dracula soundtrack and skin.  (at www.hellomrrabbitblog.com)

08.28.14 @ 10:14

posted photographs from a recent digital and film shoot on my latest blog post. inspired by Dracula, bare skin, and bridal wear.  (at www.hellomrrabbitblog.com)

08.28.14 @ 01:33

in the rose garden, earlier this evening.  (at Loose Park)

08.27.14 @ 22:16

in the rose garden, earlier this evening.   (at Loose Park)

08.27.14 @ 22:14

red velvet doughnuts for the afternoon. ♡  (at Central Plaza Apartments)

08.27.14 @ 14:07

first day of fall semester.   (at Central Plaza Apartments)

08.26.14 @ 10:471

the most dreamy home I saw on a drive today.  (at Historic North East)

08.25.14 @ 19:151

in honor of starting my shakespeare class today, & other things.  (at Central Plaza Apartments)

08.25.14 @ 13:511

last picture I snapped with my phone from yesterday that I’ll share until I get my film developed. I have been trying to take a step back from my dslr and make use of my various film cameras. the photographs will be posted on my blog as soon as I get the film back.  (at Savoy Hotel and Grill)

08.24.14 @ 13:52