thankful I still remember this coconut bar recipe from my baker days at Mudpie, because these treats are really helping me get through my American Realism paper on Walt Whitman this evening.  (at Central Plaza Apartments)

09.29.14 @ 21:41

favorite corner of my apartment, listening to cocorosie, why is it not winter?   (at Central Plaza Apartments)

09.29.14 @ 16:38

feels like autumn at home (and smells like autumn.. harvest spice candles and homemade soup).  (at Central Plaza Apartments)

09.28.14 @ 18:14

my favorite piece from Laura Kathleen’s collection this evening.  (at Kansas City Fashion Week Runway Show)

09.28.14 @ 02:092

attended the evening runway show for Kansas City Fashion Week, carrying my favorite tapestry purse and classic all black (i honestly haven’t been wearing many colors this season, been clinging to black and white).  (at Kansas City Fashion Week Runway Show)

09.27.14 @ 22:23

wearing eyeliner and my hair up in a bun… two things you don’t see very often.  (at Union Station Kansas City Inc.)

09.27.14 @ 18:41

Rachel Gottlieb Designs at the afternoon show for Kansas City Fashion Week.  (at Kansas City Fashion Week (Union Station))

09.27.14 @ 16:523

heading into Kansas City Fashion Week, excited to see my shoes on the runway and all the designer’s collections.  (at Kansas City Fashion Week (Union Station))

09.27.14 @ 15:00

choosing some pieces to wear to Kansas City Fashion Week this weekend (including pastel lippies from nyx, vintage Dior, furs, pearls, & a leopard print backpack), and getting very excited to see the shoes I designed for Rachel Gottlieb’s collection on the runway Saturday afternoon… which I also made a pair for myself to wear in a similar fashion.  (at Central Plaza Apartments)

09.25.14 @ 16:06

blogged a recent shoot with @allisonwonderlandphotographie, featuring a headpiece she is giving away on her personal blog! check out my latest post for the rest of the photographs taken at the Nelson.  (at

09.24.14 @ 23:202

the flower shop with the best exterior.  (at House of Flowers)

09.24.14 @ 18:59

feel in love with this the other day while walking through the tents.  (at Plaza Art Fair)

09.22.14 @ 14:58

wish I could own all of you.  (at Plaza Art Fair)

09.20.14 @ 15:328

a late brunch with my best.  (at Michael Forbes)

09.20.14 @ 13:26