new photo collection up on the blog (link in profile), featuring expired 35mm film and digital shots. mainly inspired by the Dracula soundtrack and skin.  (at

08.28.14 @ 10:14

posted photographs from a recent digital and film shoot on my latest blog post. inspired by Dracula, bare skin, and bridal wear.  (at

08.28.14 @ 01:33

in the rose garden, earlier this evening.  (at Loose Park)

08.27.14 @ 22:16

in the rose garden, earlier this evening.   (at Loose Park)

08.27.14 @ 22:14

red velvet doughnuts for the afternoon. ♡  (at Central Plaza Apartments)

08.27.14 @ 14:07

first day of fall semester.   (at Central Plaza Apartments)

08.26.14 @ 10:471

the most dreamy home I saw on a drive today.  (at Historic North East)

08.25.14 @ 19:151

in honor of starting my shakespeare class today, & other things.  (at Central Plaza Apartments)

08.25.14 @ 13:511

last picture I snapped with my phone from yesterday that I’ll share until I get my film developed. I have been trying to take a step back from my dslr and make use of my various film cameras. the photographs will be posted on my blog as soon as I get the film back.  (at Savoy Hotel and Grill)

08.24.14 @ 13:52

wore my royal blue pom-pom earnings yesterday from Present, which I haven’t took off since I’ve received them. stay tuned for your chance to win a pair with my upcoming giveaway! ♡  (at Savoy Hotel and Grill)

08.24.14 @ 13:43

white widow.  (at Savoy Hotel and Grill)

08.23.14 @ 17:122

there is a ghost in room 401.  (at Savoy Hotel and Grill)

08.23.14 @ 14:40

had to snap a picture of my favorite outfit from today’s photo shoot, styling by rachel gottlieb & hair by mary pat.  (at Peculiar, Missouri)

08.22.14 @ 16:082

helping style sets for a photo shoot today, loving these BoyBoy platforms that will be used.  (at Peculiar, Missouri)

08.22.14 @ 12:561

guess who is ready for fall? the girl with leather boots on and a velvet dress.  (at Westport Area)

08.21.14 @ 19:261